NCH system chassis and NCR boxes

NCH chassis

NCH 2019

The system chassis (rack) secures and powers control modules, logic modules, and other system modules.

NCH2019 chassis 16 slots, version 2U19 ";
NCH2010 chassis 8 slots, version 2U10";

NCHxxxxP chassis with redundant power supply and ATS module.

The chassis with functional modules installed in it is mounted in an electrical cabinet. Access to all module slots is from the front.

NCR Boxing


Sealed box provides fixation, nutrition and protection IP54 control functional devices (modules).

NCR.S boxing for 6 slots, (WxHxD) 274x222x153;
NCR.M boxing for 12 slots, (WxHxx) 385x222x153;
NCR.In boxing for 16 slots, (WxHxx) 498x222x153.

Boxing consists of an electronic unit and a casing. An electronic unit with modules installed on its cross-board can be easily removed from the housing for maintenance without dismantling the entire structure;
Boxes are mounted on a wall or a metal vertical structure.

Monitoring smoke exhausters and blower fans


The system is equipped with measuring channels for vibration of supports NCD0110R2 and the channel of rotation frequency and phase synchronization NCD0411. To configure the system, view and analyze the archived data, the software package NORMA-VM SW1.0 Exh&Fun.

Meets the requirements of ISO 10816-3:2009


  •    Measurement of vibration velocity RMS, and the RMS of vibration bearing supports of induced draft fans, draft fans, mine fans and pumps etc.;
  •    Signaling the transition of the machine in zone C "ALARMS" and D "TRIPS", relay outputs, led indicators;
  •    Visualization of current values and a daily trends options at a computer monitor;
  •    The formation of the archive of the received data and a log of alarm events and failures of equipment and communication lines;
  •    Customizing settings for each measured channel;
  •    Setting the reference spectral masks in the factory of the manufacturer at the customer's request;
  •    Integration with external devices and systems of the enterprise (for example, ACS TP) at the level of field equipment of the line 4...20mA and/or level control devices via Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP and/or 4...20mA.
  • Specifications
      Frequency range Hz 2(10)…1 000
      Frequency filters, f - current frequency Hz 2(10) …1/2 f
      Measurement range of vibration velocity RMS mm/s 0,1…30,0
      The measurement range of RMS vibration mkm 0,15…2000,0
      Error of vibration measurement, less than % 5
      Temperature sensitivity, less than % 1,5
      Measurement range of frequency of rotation rpm 3…45 000
      The frequency measurement error, less than % ±0,1
      Relay outputs   2
      Commutation parameters of relay V
      Interfaces   Ethernet
      Modbus TCP/IP(option)
      current loop 4…20мА(option)
      Database   MySQL
      Power supply V
      30; 125
      IP Rating
         electrical cabinet
      Operating temperature
         electrical cabinet

      31х17х28; 54х17х28


The software NORMA-VM SW1.0 Exh&Fun provides all the necessary tools for monitoring the technical condition of the unit.

Basic technical solution


  •    RMS values of the vibration velocity of supports from 0.1 to 30mm/s in the frequency band 10...1000Hz;
  •    The range of vibration displacement of the rotor in the range 10...2000μm in the frequency bands 5...500Hz or 10...1000Hz;
  •    Axial shift of the rotor in the range -1...0...+1mm or -2.5...0...+2.5mm;
  •    Other vibration and fur parameters. Values, temperature, current.


  •    Up to 38 control modules and logic modules;
  •    Inter-channel synchronization measurements with an accuracy of 1 ms;
  •    Visualization of the measured values on the 7 "color touch screen;
  •    The issuance of alarm signals to external alarm and protection systems, relay outputs;
  •    Integration with external devices and systems, interfaces Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP, current loop 4...20mA;
  •    Diagnosis of a fault condition of equipment and communication lines;
  •    Forming of the archive of measured data and events, MySQL database;
  •    Customize settings "ALARMS" and "TRIPS" under the password;
  •    Custom change of configurations of control modules and logic modules;
  •    The ability to duplicate information on an external widescreen monitor.


Displays the current settings.
Highlight 'alarm' values.

Controls the display of trend.
Viewing archived data.

A bar graph displaying the maximum and average values for the period, and the current limit values.

Automatic check-in excess of setting events, performance settings and malfunction.


NC-Vibro1.0 software package

NC-Vibro2.0 software package


Software package provides wide range of instruments to visualize and processing recorded data to assess the current state of the equipment and ones residual life.

Software package provides wide range of instruments to visualize and processing recorded data to assess the current state of the equipment and ones residual life.

Analytic means of the program include:

  • 1 Waterfall graphics with customizable color display graphics
  • 2 Pie charts (polar diagram) of timing signal
  • 3 Orbits
  • 4 Bode diagram, Nyquist diagram
  • 5 Full-spectrum and a cascade full spectrum in real time to / from a predetermined range
  • 6 Charts of intensity of parameters
  • 7 Three-dimensional animated graphics of the shaft centerline, the axial displacement of the shaft and the shaft ascent

Screenshot of "Trends» Norma-VM SW 2.0. This tab allows to monitor changes in the controlled parameters of the machine over time. The interface allows preview of images any combination charts.

Dynamic control of the display graphs parameters is Implemented, including 3D- graphs. Several graphs arrangement in one window are available, for example, displaying both X, Y and Z graphs, or graphs in all control points.

Can support multiple monitors.

The program can carry out spectral, phase analysis, modal analysis, to perform various types processing of statistical data.

Screenshot of the "Reports". This tab allows to create reports on interested parameters of controlled machinery in text and / or graphic form. The interface allows to select one or more time periods

All data is stored in the MySQL data-base. The report is generated for any selected parameters in graphical or tabular form. The report can be saved in a PDF-file or just send to the print.

Setting of alarm levels can be performed in the devices and in the software. The opera-tor can configure the threshold, the critical growth rate of the parameter and the alarm delay.

NCB control devices

Speed control device NCB0412

The monitoring system of rotational speed of the turbine with built-in hour meter.



  •    Measurement of the speed of rotation of the turbine in the range 3...45 000rpm;
  •    Digital display of rotation speed on the tachometer unit and the remote unit display;
  •    Visualization of the daily trend of the rotation speed on the computer monitor;
  •    Led indication of exceeding thresholds (warning/alarm);
  •    The results of the signals of "dry contact" for external devices sound and light alarm and protection devices;
  •    Accounting of operating time of the unit in different modes (stationary / accel / overrun) – hour meter;
  •    Customizing settings, the range of steady state and starting values hours;
  •    Archiving trends speed automatic logging of events and alarms;
  •    Integration into the APCS via Ethernet.

The composition of the tachometer system includes a tachometer unit NCB 0412, block remote indication NCB 0052 (panel mounting) / 0051 (installation on the unit) and inductive sensor IF5646 ("IFM" Germany). To make settings, and view the archived data used the software package NORMA-RS SW 1.0.

      Parameter Unit Value
      Range of measurement1 rpm 3…45 000
      Resolution rpm 0,1
      Measurement accuracy % ±0,1
      Data update rate on the monitor s 2 (on request 0,35…3)
      Setpoints, hysteresis, time delay   2 (customizable)
      Relay outputs with events   2
      Relay output "fault" (optional)   1
      Digital communication interface for remote indication   RS-485
      Digital communication interface to external systems   RS 485
      Modbus TCP/IP(optional)
      Device-to-computer communication interface   Ethernet
      Database on a computer with specialized software   MySQL
      SD Memory Card (optional) Gb 32
      Power supply from single-phase AC V
      V DC
      Ingress Protection Rating
      Temperature range
      М12х1; L71

      *1 - The upper limit of the speed range (n) depends on the circumference of the shaft (C) and the label length (l), and calculated by the formula: n=(l x Fn)/60 x C, where Fn is the switching frequency of the sensor

Sensors NCS

NCS 1002

MEMS Accelerometer (±18g, DC…2500Гц, 15кГц/g).

The sensor detects on the support bearing unit of the vertical, transverse or axial component of vibration and generates a corresponding electrical signal proportional to the acceleration, to the control module.

Recommended for turbines, pumps, compressors and other equipment.

ncs 1002

Can be operated in an atmosphere containing water vapor, oil, dust, can be operated in submerged state.

The method of installation of the sensor (through-bolt) eliminates twisting and kinking of cable during installation.

Frequency-modulated output signal enables the signal transmission to a distance of over 1000 m without additional intermediate converters and amplifiers.

Modification of the NCS 1022 sensor with unified current output 4..20mA

      Parameter Unit Value
      Output signal
      Signal type
      4…20 mA
      Measurement parameters
      Frequency response Hz 0,1…2 500
      Amplitude range g
      Accuracy, less than % ±3
      Temperature sensitivity, less than %/⁰С ±0,03
      The sensitivity to the magnetic field is 400A/m, 50Hz % ±1
      Conversion factor at a frequency of 160Hz kHz/g 15
      Coefficient of transverse conversion, no more than % 5
      Non-uniformity of the amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC), no more than % ±5
      Nonlinearity of the amplitude characteristic at a frequency of 160 Hz, not more than % ±3
      Resonance frequency kHz 18
      Electric noise, less than m/s2 0,001
      Power settings
      Supply voltage V DC =15
      Current, less than mA 10
      Power consumption, max mW 150
      Operating parameters
      Temperature range ⁰С -40…+125
      Humidity at t=35⁰С % 98
      Atmospheric pressure kPa 84…106,7
      Degree of protection (MEK 529-89)   IP67
      General parameters
      Dimensions mm 35,5х33х21,5
      Weight (with 5m cable) g 320
      Case material   Stainless steel
      Cable   integrated, 2x0,35 mm
      Mount   M8 bolt
      MTBF hour 75 000
      Lifetime years 12