NC-Vibro 2.0 Software Package

Software package for archiving and visualization of technical condition parameters of critical machines for monitoring and vibration diagnostics

  •    Inclusion in the software package of up to 12 controlled units;
  •    Display of current values of vibration parameters and mechanical quantities on the mnemonic diagram of the unit in the form of a bar chart;
  •    Displaying parameter trends for a selected period of time;
  •    Spectral analysis (spectrum, cascade, spectrograms), plotting the orbits of the rotor in the bearing bore, the ascent of the shaft, the Bode, Neyquist diagrams;
  •    Logging of alarm events and equipment malfunctions with a filtering system by channel, by event type and by time;
  •    Report generation with saving the document in PDF format or printing;
  •    Change of settings, hysteresis and time delay of relay operation;
  •    Reconfiguration of control modules and logic modules;
  •    Emulation mode for testing equipment.
For the local workstation with a 7’’ monitor, the NC-Vibro1.0 version is used, retaining the monitoring functions (except for the mnemonic diagram) and the diagnostic functions in terms of spectral analysis.

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