NCH system chassis and NCR boxes

NCH chassis

NCH 2019

The system chassis (rack) secures and powers control modules, logic modules, and other system modules.

NCH2019 chassis 16 slots, version 2U19 ";
NCH2010 chassis 8 slots, version 2U10";

NCHxxxxP chassis with redundant power supply and ATS module.

The chassis with functional modules installed in it is mounted in an electrical cabinet. Access to all module slots is from the front.

NCR Boxing


Sealed box provides fixation, nutrition and protection IP54 control functional devices (modules).

NCR.S boxing for 6 slots, (WxHxD) 274x222x153;
NCR.M boxing for 12 slots, (WxHxx) 385x222x153;
NCR.In boxing for 16 slots, (WxHxx) 498x222x153.

Boxing consists of an electronic unit and a casing. An electronic unit with modules installed on its cross-board can be easily removed from the housing for maintenance without dismantling the entire structure;
Boxes are mounted on a wall or a metal vertical structure.