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NCS 1002

MEMS Accelerometer (±18g, DC…2500Гц, 15кГц/g).

The sensor detects on the support bearing unit of the vertical, transverse or axial component of vibration and generates a corresponding electrical signal proportional to the acceleration, to the control module.

Recommended for turbines, pumps, compressors and other equipment.

ncs 1002

Can be operated in an atmosphere containing water vapor, oil, dust, can be operated in submerged state.

The method of installation of the sensor (through-bolt) eliminates twisting and kinking of cable during installation.

Frequency-modulated output signal enables the signal transmission to a distance of over 1000 m without additional intermediate converters and amplifiers.

Modification of the NCS 1022 sensor with unified current output 4..20mA

      Parameter Unit Value
      Output signal
      Signal type
      4…20 mA
      Measurement parameters
      Frequency response Hz 0,1…2 500
      Amplitude range g
      Accuracy, less than % ±3
      Temperature sensitivity, less than %/⁰С ±0,03
      The sensitivity to the magnetic field is 400A/m, 50Hz % ±1
      Conversion factor at a frequency of 160Hz kHz/g 15
      Coefficient of transverse conversion, no more than % 5
      Non-uniformity of the amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC), no more than % ±5
      Nonlinearity of the amplitude characteristic at a frequency of 160 Hz, not more than % ±3
      Resonance frequency kHz 18
      Electric noise, less than m/s2 0,001
      Power settings
      Supply voltage V DC =15
      Current, less than mA 10
      Power consumption, max mW 150
      Operating parameters
      Temperature range ⁰С -40…+125
      Humidity at t=35⁰С % 98
      Atmospheric pressure kPa 84…106,7
      Degree of protection (MEK 529-89)   IP67
      General parameters
      Dimensions mm 35,5х33х21,5
      Weight (with 5m cable) g 320
      Case material   Stainless steel
      Cable   integrated, 2x0,35 mm
      Mount   M8 bolt
      MTBF hour 75 000
      Lifetime years 12