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Speed control device NCB0412

The monitoring system of rotational speed of the turbine with built-in hour meter.



  •    Measurement of the speed of rotation of the turbine in the range 3...45 000rpm;
  •    Digital display of rotation speed on the tachometer unit and the remote unit display;
  •    Visualization of the daily trend of the rotation speed on the computer monitor;
  •    Led indication of exceeding thresholds (warning/alarm);
  •    The results of the signals of "dry contact" for external devices sound and light alarm and protection devices;
  •    Accounting of operating time of the unit in different modes (stationary / accel / overrun) – hour meter;
  •    Customizing settings, the range of steady state and starting values hours;
  •    Archiving trends speed automatic logging of events and alarms;
  •    Integration into the APCS via Ethernet.

The composition of the tachometer system includes a tachometer unit NCB 0412, block remote indication NCB 0052 (panel mounting) / 0051 (installation on the unit) and inductive sensor IF5646 ("IFM" Germany). To make settings, and view the archived data used the software package NORMA-RS SW 1.0.

      Parameter Unit Value
      Range of measurement1 rpm 3…45 000
      Resolution rpm 0,1
      Measurement accuracy % ±0,1
      Data update rate on the monitor s 2 (on request 0,35…3)
      Setpoints, hysteresis, time delay   2 (customizable)
      Relay outputs with events   2
      Relay output "fault" (optional)   1
      Digital communication interface for remote indication   RS-485
      Digital communication interface to external systems   RS 485
      Modbus TCP/IP(optional)
      Device-to-computer communication interface   Ethernet
      Database on a computer with specialized software   MySQL
      SD Memory Card (optional) Gb 32
      Power supply from single-phase AC V
      V DC
      Ingress Protection Rating
      Temperature range
      М12х1; L71

      *1 - The upper limit of the speed range (n) depends on the circumference of the shaft (C) and the label length (l), and calculated by the formula: n=(l x Fn)/60 x C, where Fn is the switching frequency of the sensor