NCL Logic Modules

Logic modules NCL

The logic module provides a collection of signals "alarm" events from the modules of control, performs logical processing of data in accordance with predetermined algorithms and issues commands to the external alarm or Executive devices of protection.

Module Modifications:

NCL 2003 - logic module performs data processing from 3 redundant control modules according to the 2oo3 scheme with high reliability of the protection signal transmission function due to the duplication of the functional elements of the circuit.

NCL 3000 (NCL 7000) - a universal logic module performs data processing from control modules according to specified algorithms. It can be used to control the excess of settings according to the 1ooN scheme or to confirm the event similar or an order of magnitude lower at neighboring monitoring points, to control the creeping growth of the parameter, the parameter jump. Use of individual algorithms is possible.
The NCL 7000 is characterized by an increased number of dry contact outputs and the presence of discrete inputs for blocking relays in transient conditions during the test period, etc.

  • Specifications
      Parameter Unit Value
      NCL хххх   2003 3000 7000
      Number of control modules in the network   3 2…30 2…30
      Digital communication interface   on the cross-board Ethernet Ethernet
      Number of discrete inputs   - - 2
      Number of logical functions   1 (2oo3) ≤15 ≤30
      The number of output relay   4 4 8
      Relay parameters В
      The delayed tripping с 0,35…10,0
      Power supply В
      =5 (=12)