NCL Logic Modules

Logic modules NCL

The logic module provides a collection of signals "alarm" events from the modules of control, performs logical processing of data in accordance with predetermined algorithms and issues commands to the external alarm or Executive devices of protection.

Module Modifications:

NCL 3000 - universal logic module performs logical processing of the data from the monitoring modules (up to 96 modules) in accordance with predetermined algorithms.

NCL 2003 - logic module executes processing of the data from the 3 redundant control modules according to the scheme 2оо3 ensuring high reliability transfer function of signal protection by duplication of the functional circuit elements.

Relay functions (algorithms) and the addresses of the control modules from which a signal can be changed in the upper-level software (only for module logic NCL 3000).

Additional features:

  •    Unblocking key;
  •    Communication Protocol ModBus TCP/IP.

  • Specifications
      Parameter Unit Value
      NCL хххх   2003 3000
      Number of inputs   3 2…96
      Number of logical functions   1 ≤4
      The number of output relay   4
      Relay parameters V DC
      V DC
      The delayed tripping sec 0,35…10,0
      Digital communication interface   Ethernet
      Modbus TCP/IP (optional)
      Power supply V DC