Enjoy the effects of vibration in the bright music show CYMATICS!

Modern music videos is hard to call "food for thought". Of course, there is quite an impressive work, but they are only intended to attract attention and keep the attention on while watching 2-4 minute clip. Basically the attention kept by machines, jewelry and other things like that. Actually, there is nothing and nobody to criticize.

The musician from New Zealand Nigel Stanford created a music video where there is almost no actors, and the plot is tied to the experiment. The main purpose of the clip - the visualization of sound in all possible ways.

This video was not created by fitting the results of experiments to the music. On the contrary, first used the basic sounds that lead to different behavior of the equipment, and already on the basis of visual effects was created the audio

One of the effects - standing waves that are formed in a thin layer of water, which poured directly on the speaker. Sounds of different frequencies affect the distribution of the waves in the water column (also used an interesting liquid such as frozen vodka).

In clip there are Tesla rings (the musicians put "Faraday suits", Faraday cage which you can wear) and ferromagnetic fluid and Rubens pipe.